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Intense heat wave in parts of Spain and Portugal continues – August 5, 2018

The intense heat wave in the southwestern part of the Iberian peninsula continues. For three days in a row now temperatures have peaked at 46-47 °C. Today will be hot again, with peak temperatures just slightly lower than in the past days.

This has been an very intense heat wave for parts of Spain and Portugal. While it did not break the all time European record, temperatures climbed to 46.6 °C on Friday. Yesterday pushed up to at least 46.6 °C, we will be posting an analysis shortly.

Today will be another very hot day, however, peak temperatures will likely be about a degree or so lower than the past few days. Expect peak temperatures around 44-45 °C. The hottest regions will again be southern and central Portugal and southwestern Spain (Andalusia and Extremadura).

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