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Almost +47 °C central Portugal and SW Spain on Aug 4th – many local records broken

As expected, the heat wave peaked yesterday, Aug 4th, as the warmest and driest airmass with favorable wind conditions were present over SW Iberian peninsula. Several stations peaked into 45-47 °C range!


Here are max temperatures for Aug 4th – the highest recorded temperature was +46.8 °C at the station Alvega in central Portugal. Many stations broke all time local heat records! Below are some additional information on the peak temperatures:

+46.8 °C – Alvega
+46.3 °C – Santarem
+46.1 °C – Coruche
+46.1 °C – Alvalade
+46.2 °C – Alcacer do Sal
+46.0 °C – Pegoes
+45.8 °C – Neves Corvo
+45.5 °C – Setubal
+45.4 °C – Tomar
+45.4 °C – Evora / C. Coord
+45.1 °C – Mora
+44.9 °C – Beja
+44.9 °C – Rio Maior
+44.8 °C – Torres Vedras
+44.7 °C – Alcoutim
+44.6 °C – Estremoz
+44.6 °C – Beja / B. Aerea
+44.2 °C – Montijo
+44.0 °C – Lisboa / Gago Coutinho
+43.3 °C – Lisboa / Geof

While the national record of Portugal (+47.4 °C in Amareleja on August 1, 2003) was not broken, most of the stations set the new records, see the list below: Aug 4th values are in the column, previous records are on the following column. Impressive!

Portugal SYNOP/METAR stations report via website:


Peak afternoon temperatures reached +46.6 °C in El Granado and +46.0 °C in Badajoz.

Another extremely hot day is expected today, likely to be the slightly cooler day, but still extremely hot. Stay tuned!