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Hurricane-force Bora winds along the coast of NW Croatia, parts of W Slovenia and central Italy this weekend

Hurricane force Bora winds are expected along the eastern coast of the Adriatic and across the central Apennine peninsula. Let us take a look at details.

The cold airmass from the strong, if brief cold outbreak is making its way towards the central Mediterranean. Strong Bora winds are expected across the Adriatic region. The strongest Bura is expected in the Kvarner bay, where gusts (well) in excess of 180-200 km/h, up to 230 km/h are likely. Also expect very strong Bura, gusting up to 160-190 km/h further south into Dalmatia. Western Slovenia (in particular the Vipava valley) will likely experience Burja gusting up to about 150 km/h, the Trieste Gulf up to 130-150 km/h.

Also expect very strong Bora winds across the Apennines of central and southern Italy, with gusts up to 180-200 km/h at higher elevations. Winds gusting into 150 km/h range are expected along the southeastern coast of the Tyrrhenian sea.

Across the entire region Bora will gradually weaken late on Saturday and through Sunday.