The ‘bombogenesis’ of the new intense cyclone the North Atlantic is underway! A rapid intensification has been ongoing since last night, as the pressure drop of more than 30 mbar overnight has been observed. A very impressive satellite presentation is appearing this morning. Cyclone is on track with the previous model forecast guidance and will be nearing Iceland as an intense near 935 mbar extra-tropical cyclone tonight!


NEW UPDATE: Weather madness over Iceland – an extremely deep cyclone produces the most epic satellite presentation of the season

An extremely deep cyclone over Iceland produces the most epic satellite presentation of the season


Some incredibly impressive satellite images are visible this morning, as an extra-tropical cyclone continues rapidly intensifying in the North Atlantic, moving towards Iceland. Notice a strong dry intrusion pushing from the SW, while the cyclone is beginning to show a textbook cyclonic appearance.

The latest surface analysis reveals a very large cyclone expanded across much of the North Atlantic, minimum cental pressure is around 950-952 mbar. The pressure drop along its path has been incredible overnight and continues this morning. As seen from the buoy #4101664 data, the pressure change in the past 8 hours has been around 29 mbar! That is extremely impressive and fits into a ‘bomb cyclone’ e.g. rapid intensification cyclone definition – pressure change of more than 24 mbar during the 24-hour period – more than obviously! The buoy is located just due WSW of the low’s center.

The cyclone is expected to continue with rapid intensification for additional 9-12 hours while it pushes into mid 930s tonight.

Please refer to the previous discussion for forecast details:

North Atlantic is on roll again as another ‘bombogenesis’ – bomb cyclone is rapidly developing, deepening into a violent mid 930s extra-tropical cyclone near Iceland tomorrow

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