A *frigid* cold is verifying across parts of Alaska now. This morning, a low temperature of -65 °F (= -53.8 °C) has been observed 15 miles northeast of the town Manley Hot Springs! This is the coldest official temperature recorded in Alaska since January 2012 when -66 °F (-54.5 °C) has been recorded in Ft. Yukon! The town of Manley Hot Springs is located around 85 miles west of Fairbanks and around 260 miles north of the capital Anchorage. The location of this extremely low temperatures is in the lowest part of the valley where cold pool is usually the strongest.

Here are some additional temperatures recorded across Alaska:

  • -57 °F at Bettles airport (-49.4 °C)
  • -51 °F at Fort Yukon airport (-46.1 °C)
  • -60 °F in Allakaket (-51.1 °C)
  • -56 °F in Arctic Village (-48.9 °C)
  • -52 °F in Huslia (-46.7 °C)
  • -50 °F in Nikolai (-45.5 °C)
  • -46 °F in Kaltag (-43.3 °C)

The extreme cold was also visible on the infrared satellite image, channel is enhanced to reflect the coldest temperatures – it is perfectly seen the lowest temperatures are observed in the lowlands (sinkholes).

The extremely cold weather will continue for a few more days – please refer to the previous forecast discussion for details below.

*FRIGID COLD* – A brutal outbreak of extremely cold (near -45 °C / -50 °F) temperatures blasts across much of Alaska (US) and Yukon (Canada) until the end of December and into early January

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