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A remarkable heat values have been reported from parts of South Australia today – many locations climbed above +46 °C mark, some of them even above +48 and +49 °C while Nullabor station reported an incredible 50.0 °C!

Here are today’s maximum temperatures – the top 20 METAR / SYNOP stations based on the ogimet.com website reports:

Based on preliminary analysis, yesterday, Australia recorded its hottest day on record. The nationally-averaged maximum daytime temp was 41.9 °C exceeding the record set on Tuesday, 40.9 ºC.

The extreme heat is now spreading into SE parts of Australia (NSW / VIC) and is expected to peak today – December 20th. Many areas should experience 16-20 °C higher daytime temperatures than normal. That means 45-50 °C peak afternoon temperatures are likely.

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UPDATE: Australia’s heatwave sets a new record – the hottest day across the country

An extreme heatwave is about to swipe across Australia, raising maximum temperatures up to near 50°C (122°F) in S/SE parts of the continent, breaking many all-time records!

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