A major outbreak of waterspouts happened along the coast of Emilia Romagna, north Italy, mainly near Rimini. Over 10 and likely over 15 waterspouts were reported in only about 2 hours.

Numerous waterspouts were reported and photographed by many witnesses along the beaches on the coast of the Adriatic sea in and around Rimini. Additionally, several reports came from boats out on the sea.

Spectacular view from Gabicce Mare. Photo: Francesco Gennari.

Multiple waterspouts off the coast of Rimini. Report: Niccolo Ubalducci.

Beautiful waterspout off Rimini. Photo: Lucio Censi.

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More waterspouts off the coast of Rimini. Report: Sem van Rijssel.

While the situation that gave rise to the outbreak is not unusual for this area, the sheer number of reported waterspouts is quite exceptional.

Spectacular waterspout off Rimini beach. Report: Bisoni Silvio.

Waterspout and lightning off the coast of Rimini. Photo: Stiv Gentili.

Waterspouts off the coast of Rimini. Report: Sigi Fink.

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