The WINNER among the 59 entries in Weeks 26-27 is: Marko Korošec

1. place – WINNER: Marko Korošec – 108 votes

“A pretty photogenic supercell near Letenye, Hungary on July 12th late evening.”

2. place: Ingo Bertram – 99 votes

“Lightning in different distances, Frankfurt on the Main, July 6th”

3. place: Kristijan Cizerl – 92 votes

“HP supercell near Maribor (Slovenia today).”

4. place: Swen Swalef – 88 votes

“Epic cg’s striking down on the island of Goeree-overvlakkee in SW Netherlands last Thursday”

5. place: Andreas Feichtmeier‎ – 79 votes

“July 9th 2017 severe thunderstorm with a nice shelfcloud, near Günzburg in south Germany.”

6. place: Marcel Heide‎ – 72 votes

“21. Aug 2016 , near Berlin :D”

7. place: Calvin Musch – 66 votes

“Amazing quadruple lightningstrike taken last thursday just before midnight along the river Waal near Zaltbommel, Netherlands. Arrived here just on time after a stormchase that took all day. Love it when nature throws a final display like this. Can’t wait for the next one”

8. place: Stavros Kesedakis – 60 votes

“Rotating wall cloud picking up dust in Yuma county Colorado on May 25th as a slowly moving tornado warned cell provided many photo ops…
Cyclone of Rhodes /JWSevereWeather chasing”

9. place: Lucijan Španić – 60 votes

“Adriatic Sea 25.04.2016”

10. place: Kevin Elcaurhandieta‎ – 48 votes

“Composition de 3 photos résumant ma soirée du 09/07/2017”

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