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UPDATE: Dorian now a major Category 3 hurricane!

As expected, hurricane Dorian is strengthening and is now a Category 3 system. Further significant intensification is expected and it will likely track across the Bahamas and parts of Florida as a potentially devastating hurricane.

Hurricane Dorian has, after a short pause, resumed strengthening late on August 30th – reaching peak sustained winds of 115 mph (185 km/h). It thus became a major category 3 hurricane, the first of the season.

Latest satellite imagery shows a increasingly well-defined and clear eye and symmetric structure, clearly displaying very significant strengthening in the past 6-12 hours.

Latest forecast track area / forecast cone for storm center by NWS National Hurricane Center indicates Dorian is expected to track nearly directly westwards, as a major hurricane, affecting the Bahamas on Sunday and possible landfall in south Florida on Monday. Some models suggest no landfall, but a track along the eastern coast of Florida towards the north. A hurricane watch is in effect for the Bahamas.

Current tropical-storm-force winds probabilities for the next 5 days.

Latest model intensity guidance indicates hurricane Dorian will likely strengthen to an upper end Category 3 or Category 4 system within the next 48 hours. The Bahamas and Florida are currently looking at a potentially very damaging, even devastating hurricane.

Stay tuned for updates!