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Tropical storm Imelda, will bring life-threatening flash flooding to east Texas!

Tropical storm Imelda has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, and is forecast to move slowly inland, bringing heavy rainfall and flash flooding to parts of eastern Texas.  

Tropical storm Imelda is currently moving inland, into Texas and Louisiana. It is bringing sustained winds speeds up to 70 km/h, with gusts up to 90 km/h. But the main threat will be heavy precipitation in the next 3 days.

IR satellite imagery of Tropical storm Imelda. Image by Tropical Tidbits.

Official warnings are in effect for heavy rainfall. The main problem is slow movement of the storm with a lot of moisture coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

Track forecast for Tropical storm Imelda. Image by NHC.

Official risk advisory for Imelda. Image by NOAA/NWS.

The expected rainfall amounts are from 150 to over 300 liters per square meter, with maximums over 400. Wider area can expect 250+ amounts, including Houston and Galveston areas. Below are two high resolution model forecasts for total rainfall amounts. The scale is in inches. 1 inch is roughly 25 liters per square meter.  Images by Tropical Tidbits.

The official advisory from the national hurricane center (NHC):

Imelda is expected to produce total rainfall
accumulations of 6 to 12 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 18
inches across the upper coastal region of Texas, including the
Houston and Galveston areas.  Rainfall amounts of 4 to 6 inches with
isolated totals of 10 inches are possible across portions of
southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana through Thursday.  This
rainfall may produce significant to life-threatening flash floods.

Stay tuned as we closely monitor this dangerous event!