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Tropical depression 09L is forming in the Bahamas, will become tropical storm Humberto, impacting Florida tomorrow night.

The Atlantic hurricane season continues, as we get a new tropical depression forming. It is forecast to become a named system by tomorrow.

The storm will be called Humberto. It is currently not projected to become a hurricane, but latest strength forecasts are not yet reliable, since the depression is not fully formed yet. Deep convection can already be seen on the satellite, rising around the center of the developing depression.

Current IR satellite imagery of the forming depression. Image from Tropical Tidbits.

The official forecast is for the system to become a tropical storm, moving into Florida tomorrow.

Current official path outlook from the National Hurricane Center.

General multi-model forecast is to bring tropical storm conditions to Florida, with over 100 liters of rain per square meter and gusts over 80 km/h. But these are just early projections, which will change as the developing depression gets more defined, providing the models with a better picture of the initial state of the storm.

HWRF forecast. Image from Tropical Tidbits.

HWRF model currently does not take the storm inland, but takes it out to open waters and strengthens it to a low category 3 hurricane. The HWRF model is currently not as reliable, since the depression is not fully formed, but it does give its own estimate on the path and strength of the developing storm.

HWRF forecast. Image from Tropical Tidbits.

Stay tuned as we monitor the progress and growth of this storm.