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Severe thunderstorms hit southern Italy and Malta – Nov 10, 2017

Severe thunderstorms hit the southern part of Italy and Malta with major hailstorms and torrential rainfall, which caused local flooding.

Intense lightning activity with storms over southern Italy in 24h on November 10: nearly 60 000 lightning flashes recorded. Map:

A weak cutoff upper low over W-CNTRL Mediterranean and north Algeria and Tunisia produced widespread thunderstorms across the central Mediterranean region, including some organized, severe thunderstorms. In particular over Sicily and Malta, torrential downpours caused locally strong flash flooding, hailstorms and a tornado.

A particularly intense hailstorm hit Acate (Ragusa, Sicily), with massive hail accumulations building up in the streets.

Report: Weather Sicily.

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Flooding in Gela, Sicily. Report: Weather Sicily.

Augusta, Sicily under water. Report: Meteo real time.

Major (likely mesocyclonic) waterspout off Gozo Island, Malta, Nov 10.

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