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Hottest day of heat wave ahead: temperatures expected to soar to 47-48 °C in parts of Spain and Portugal – August 4, 2018

Today will be the hottest day of the ongoing heat wave in southwestern Spain and south-central Portugal. Models indicate extremely high peak temperatures, likely close or perhaps even above the current European record.

Models agree on peak temperatures reaching 47-48 °C. The hottest areas will be: the entire southern and central Portugal and parts of Andalusia and Extremadura in Spain.

Peak temperatures of 47 °C are indicated by ARPEGE model, 48 °C by GFS, while AROME indicates up to 49 °C. In the latter two cases, the European all time maximum temperature record would be broken. It currently seems likely temperatures will peak close to record levels, however, it will take very favourable conditions to surpass the record.

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We will be taking a closer look at yesterday’s temperatures in the region shortly, check back soon.