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Record breaking heat across N Norway and Kola peninsula, July 19th

Extreme heat brought new all-time records into N Norway and Kola peninsula, Russia yesterday. Foehn winds pushed temps into 31-33 °C.

The maximum temperatures yesterday, July 19th. While western Norway was refreshed by a frontal zone from the Norwegian sea, inland Fennoscandia was experiencing scorching heat – northern parts were extremely hot at Foehn winds from the south pushed temps up to 31-34 °C before maritime airmass pushed in! The coastal station Slettnes Fyr, Norway (71.2°N lattitude) peaked at 31.4 °C!

Here is a tabular overview over yesterday’s maximum temperatures across Norway, Sweden and Finland. Some of the stations broke the all-time records!

According to Norwegian meteorological service a new overnight record high minimum temperature of 25.2 °C was recorded at the Makkaur Lighthouse in extreme N Norway (70,7°N) on July 19, 2018!