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A significant heat wave across Fennoscandia continues, July 20th

Yet another very warm / hot day across Fennoscandia today, peak afternoon temps mostly 8-12°C above normal again!

Morning pressure anyalysis across N Europe reveals favorable conditions for another very warm / hot day across Fennoscandia today. A large ridge is centered over NW Russia, advecting warm airmass from the SE towards Finland.

The lowest nighttime temperatures today, again tropical night (miminum temperature above 20 °C) across parts of Finland, N Norway and Kola peninsula, Russia.

Based on the various models, an expected max afternoon temperatures will again be 8-12 °C above normal, so peaking in the low 30s.

The maximum temperatures yesterday, July 19th. While western Norway was refreshed by the frontal zone from the Norwegian sea, inland Fennoscanda was experiencing scorching heat – northern parts were peaking into 32-34 °C range! The coastal station Slettnes Fyr, Norway (71.2°N latitude) peaked at 31.4° C!

Here is a tabular overview over yesterday’s maximum temperatures across Norway, Sweden and Finland. Some of the stations broke the all-time records!

According to Norwegian meteorological service a new overnight record high minimum temperature of 25.2 °C was recorded at the Makkaur Lighthouse in extreme N Norway (70,7°N) on July 19, 2018!

Stay tuned for further updates!