A deep trough passed over the Alpine / northern Mediterranean region on July 24-25, causing widespread intense severe thunderstorms across the plains of north Italy. Some impressive parameters were in place: high to extreme instability with MLCAPE in 2000-4000 J/kg range and moderately strong deep-layer shear in 30-40 kt. Two waves of severe thunderstorms passed trough the region: a large squall line with numerous discrete HP supercells, particularly over Veneto on July 24 and a second round of more discrete and isolated thunderstorms, including supercells, over E Po plain and northern Adriatic.

Several intense high-precipitation supercells formed in the Veneto region of NE Italy in the afternoon of July 24, producing intense rainfall, some marginally large hail and severe straight line winds. These thunderstorms were also some eye candy for storm chasers – some of these storms developed spectacular structure, certainly a treat for any storm chaser!

Big HP supercell near Citadella, Veneto, NE Italy on July 24! Photo: Mirko Didonè.

HP supercell over Montebelluna, NE Italy on Monday, July 24! Photo: Giacomo Venturin.

Thunderstorm over Mira (just W of Venice), Veneto, NE Italy on July 25. Photo: Teresa Letizia.

More spectacular thunderstorms – several HP supercells – over Veneto region, NE Italy on afternoon, July 24! Report: Tornado in Italia.

Supercell near Castelfranco, Veneto, NE Italy this afternoon! Photo: Edda Stecca.

Big thunderstorm over Venice, NE Italy on July 24! Report: Bassa Pianura Padana Photo e Meteo ❄❄

Thunderstorm over Venice, NE Italy, July 25. Report: Tornado in Italia.

Venice, NE Italy, July 25. Report: Max Draven.

Thunderstorm over the Friuli plain, NE Italy on July 24! Photo: Tatiana Nunes

Thunderstorm over Vigonovo, Veneto, NE Italy on July 25. Photo: Marco Beda.

Spectacular view of the mesocyclone and wall cloud on the severe supercell over Alessandria, NW Italy on July 24. The storm produced major hailstorm(s) and damage. Photo: Alessandro Piazza.

The eastern Po plain, particularly its Adriatic coast was hit by severe thunderstorms on July 25.

Spectacular shelf cloud near Ravenna, N Italy on July 25! Photo: CerviaMare.