An intense severe supercell thunderstorm hit Istanbul, Turkey late on July 27, producing an intense severe hailstorm with very large hail, severe straight line winds and intense flash flooding. Widespread damage has been reported.

Very large hail in Istanbul. Photo: Severe Weather Turkey.

A number of intense thunderstorms hit the wider region around Istanbul in the afternoon, with a number of severe hailstorms. Hail reached diameters up to 8-9 cm in Istanbul.

Very large hailstone, 8-9 cm in diameter (Istanbul). Photo: Hava Forum – Meteoroloji.

Radar presentation of the storm and photographs indicate it was a supercell.

Wall cloud on the supercell over Istanbul. Photo: Severe Weather Turkey.

Widespread major damage was reported, including hail damage to cars, buildings and airliners (!!), flooding damage and severe wind damage.

Hail damage. Photo: Severe Weather Turkey.

Hail damage. Photo: Kai Diekmann.

Several airliners landing at Istanbul Atatürk airport reported major hail damage. Photo: Severe Weather Turkey.

Also make sure to see the videos of the severe thunderstorms from various locations in Istanbul below: