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Another hot day across Europe yesterday, September 18th, 2018

As expected, much of Europe is enjoying unseasonally warm weather, a breath of July in mid to late September. The ongoing heat wave is pushing temperatures in the upper 20s and locally even well above 30 °C. We take a closer look at peak temperatures yesterday, September 18.

The Iberian peninsula was mostly in the upper 20s and lower 30s, peaking at 34-35 °C in SW Spain and SE Portugal.

Italy pushed to 31 °C in the northern part and all the way to 33 °C on Sicily. Much of the Balkans was in the upper 20s.

France again pushed above 30 °C in the southwest, with temperatures peaking at 31 °C there. Also up to 31-32 °C in the southeast. Much of the country was in the upper 20s.

Germany went all the way up to 32-33 °C (!!) in its western and northwestern part. Temperatures pushed above 30 °C in much of the country! Denmark also went up to 27 °C, while Poland pushed up to 29 °C. Peak temperatures in the Netherlands were up to 30 °C, 29 °C in Belgium.

Several more hot days are in store this week, before a sharp pattern change and much cooler weather!