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SWE Photography Contest week #50 of 2020 (Dec 07th – Dec 13th) Winners

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Week 50 of 2020 (Dec 07th – Dec 13th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Marko Korošec – 396 votes

“A historic event for the North Adriatic today. Supercell with tornado rolls into Trieste, Italy. Dec 7th, 2020!” by Marko Korošec

2nd place: Danijel Palčić – 161 votes

“Shelf cloud in front of Pag town, Croatia, 25.9.2020” by Danijel Palčić

3rd place: Gabriela Garbowska – 158 votes

“23.06.2018 Poland” by Gabriela Garbowska

4th place: Brad Hannon – 155 votes

“Will I ever witness such a spectacle again in my life? I doubt it. The 90 minute Solomon to Chapman, Kansas tornado was an absolute masterclass of meteorological madness! Rated as an EF-4 tornado, this slow moving beast was such a blast to chase and we were able to cross it’s path 4 times!!! May 25th 2016” by Brad Hannon

5th place: Daniel Daniel – 151 votes

“Second waterspout today December 7th, in Trieste” by Daniel Daniel

6th place: Manuel Gruber – 122 votes

“12.12.2020. Bad Bleiberg. Kärnten – Austria” by Manuel Gruber

7th place: Renato R Colucci – 119 votes

“Unpredictable wall cloud on December 7th, 2020 developed in the North Adriatic sea producing intense showers of hail and groupel over Trieste (Italy) town and the Karst/Kras area. The Supercell was able to trigger a majestic waterspout in front of the Trieste Harbour at Molo VII around 7pm” by Renato R Colucci

8th place: Maja Kraljik – 111 votes

“Nice scene above the Slovenian coast. This is just a small part of what it looked like when a strong storm line formed and brought a multitude of these dancing beauties. Aug 29th,2020,NW Adriatic coast,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

9th place: Denis Flego – 100 votes

“07.12.2020. Kvarner bay, Croatia” by Denis Flego

10th place: Katarina Kosača – 93 votes

“7.12.2020 Mostar, Hercegovina” by Katarina Kosača

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