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SWE Photography Contest week #46 of 2020 (Nov 09th – Nov 15th) Winners

Please read the Contest participation guides and Rules here.

Week 46 of 2020 (Nov 09th – Nov 15th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Erika Forró – 266 votes

“8.11.2020 ; Hungary” by Erika Forró

2nd place: Maja Kraljik – 161 votes

“Panorama shot of large storm system from June. June 19th,2020. NW Istria, Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

3rd place: Walter Rose – 131 votes

“Amazing lightning storm on the night of 23 September 2020 in Noci – Puglia – Italy” by Walter Rose

4th place: Pascal Roman Schütte – 128 votes

“Nice Shelfcloud Structure at 2th July 2020 in southern Bavaria, Germany” by Pascal Roman Schütte

5th place: Tobias Hartl – 90 votes

“The NLC – Outbreak. East Bavaria – 06.07.2020.” by Tobias Hartl

6th place: Gabriela Garbowska – 89 votes

“23.06.2018 Poland” by Gabriela Garbowska

7th place: Damien Belliard – 87 votes

“Nocturnal wall cloud, May 09, 2020 near Nantes (France).” by Damien Belliard

8th place: Nichas Anastasios – 69 votes

“Greece , Crete , October 2020” by Nichas Anastasios

9th place: Przemek Rodzik – 58 votes

“Thunderstorm near the coast of Corfu (Greece). 14.06.2016 Acharavi (three photos)” by Przemek Rodzik

10th place: Tiaan Niemand – 54 votes

“2Lightning over Johannesburg South Africa tonight. (Sunday 8 Nov into Monday 9 Nov)” by Tiaan Niemand

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