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Week 46-2019 (Nov 11th – Nov 17th) Contest Winners

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Week 46 of 2019 (Nov 11th – Nov 17th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Danijel Palčić‎ – 321 votes

“Incredible arrival of the morning shelf cloud over the southern part of the island of Pag,followed by a strong west wind and rain
22.6.2018” by Danijel Palčić‎

2nd place: Ingrid Grossauer‎ – 236 votes

“Lenticularis,11.11.2019,Austria” by Ingrid Grossauer

3rd place: Nichas Anastasios – 221 votes

“Greece,Crete ,October 2018” by Nichas Anastasios

4th place: Levy Barakonyi‎ – 214 votes

“Beautiful downburst,storm from Satu Mare,Dara,Romania..2019,june,23” by Levy Barakonyi‎‎

5th place: Hrvoje Margaretić‎‎‎ – 189 votes

“One more black beast after the sunset, one finished and the other one just started to drilling the Adriatic sea again!” by Hrvoje Margaretić‎‎‎

6th place: Ψιμουλάκης Γιώργος‎‎‎ ‎ – 185 votes

“Lightning strike,Crete” by Ψιμουλάκης Γιώργος‎‎

7th place: Gregor Vojščak‎ – 167 votes

“Nice branched CG lightning behind the island Krk when storms were firing up in Kvarner bay, Croatia on July 9th 2019” by Gregor Vojščak‎

8th place: Ph Gio Pinna‎ – 125 votes

“Massive rain shaft” by Ph Gio Pinna‎

9th place: Maja Kraljik‎‎‎ – 124 votes

“Supercell over old town,Nov.6th,2019.,NW Istria ,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik‎

10th place: Piotr Major – 122 votes

“Poland” by Piotr Major

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