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SWE Photography Contest week #28 of 2020 (July 6th – July 12th) Winners

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Week 28 of 2020 (July 6th – July 12th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Boris Jordan‎ – 603 votes

“Impressive shelf cloud at Dorfen east of Munich (Bavaria, Germany) from 02.07.2020.” by Boris Jordan

2nd place: Brad Hannon‎ – 321 votes

“Here is the extraordinary Trangie supercell up close and almost overhead as the sounds of howling wind and breaking trees became overwhelming. Trangie, Australia – Feb 18th 2020” by Brad Hannon

3rd place: Péter Kövesi‎ – 185 votes

“Noctilucent clouds from Hungary, Püspökladány city ; July 5th 2020” by Péter Kövesi

4th place: Martin Stepnik‎ – 180 votes

“NLC, Czech Republic, near Prague ; 5.7. 2020” by Martin Stepnik

5th place: Iulian Stănescu‎ – 162 votes

“27.06.2020 Storm over Austria.” by Iulian Stănescu‎

6th place: Damien Belliard‎ – 160 votes

“Supercell on September 01, 2011, taken here at the beginning of its life in the South of Bergerac in Dordogne (France).” by Damien Belliard‎

7th place: George Vellidis – 155 votes

“Storm 70km away from Thessaloniki Greece ; 6/7/2020” by George Vellidis

8th place: Michael Pfeiffer‎ – 149 votes

“Gorgeous storm above the Alpes in the evening light ; Wiedlisbach / Cantone Bern in Switzerland last week on July 1st 2020” by Michael Pfeiffer

9th place: Laetitia Gibaud‎ – 147 votes

“What a fantastic celestial show this morning with the nice comet C/2020 F3 Neowise and intense noctilucent clouds. A moment I won’t forget… ; Eastern France – 2020/08/07” by Laetitia Gibaud‎

10th place: Jon Wray‎ – 142 votes

“Neowise comet with the ISS passing underneath. Taken from Corfu looking towards Sagiada Greece ; 9/07/2020” by Jon Wray‎

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