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Week 20-2020 (May 11th – May 17th) Contest Winners

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Week 20 of 2020 (May 11th – May 17th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Danijel Palčić – 566 votes

“Escape from the storm. Island of Pag, Croatia, 17.5.2018” by Danijel Palčić

2nd place: Bastian Werner – 404 votes

“Long lived supercell (5h) near Giessen, Germany on 9.5.2020” by Bastian Werner

3rd place: Brad Hannon – 321 votes

“Extraordinary supercell structure and enormous hail were the result of two storms colliding near Piedmont, Oklahoma – May 29th 2012” by Brad Hannon

4th place: Stéphane Pereira – 245 votes

“Supercell over the Medoc last Saturday. It destroyed young cornstalks and flooded a village. It was an epic battle between two beautiful supercells, and this one won the battle. 05/09/2020 Gironde, France” by Stéphane Pereira

5th place: Nigel Doake – 207 votes

“Brocken Spectre on a walk in Arthur’s Pass National Park, New Zealand yesterday morning – 16 May 2020” by Nigel Doake

6th place: Philipp Kantz – 192 votes

“Small mesocyclones from May 9th, 2020. At Frankenmarkt in Upper Austria” by Philipp Kantz

7th place: Boris Jordan – 191 votes

“A brilliant lightning show during the blue hour on 09.05.2020 southeast of Landshut (Bavaria)” by Boris Jordan

8th place: Antoine Besse – 187 votes

“Very close lightning strikes the powerlines, at only 570 meters from my position. Pic taken last sunday, may 10th 2020” by Antoine Besse

9th place: Otto Zachař‎ – 184 votes

“Long track (300mile+) HP supercell on 23.5.2016, which has produced big hails (you can see the green core) and extreme straight line winds. This was captured near capital city of Czech Republic Prague. Thanks going to my good croatian buddy for helping of editing” by Otto Zachař‎

10th place: Andreas Feichtmeier – 175 votes

“May 16th 2016 today four years ago we chased this beautiful lp- supercell in Texas Panhandel” by Andreas Feichtmeier

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