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Severe Weather Photography Contest – Winners of Week #13 of 2021 (Mar 29th – Apr 4th)


Week 13 of 2021 (Mar 29th – Apr 4th)

The winning photographs are based on the highest number of votes received on a weekly basis by followers of the Severe Weather Photography Contest Facebook page. Please read the Contest participation Guides and Rules.



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1st place – WINNER: Przemek Rodzik – 244 votes


“Nice thunderstorm with beautiful shelf cloud over Lake Ohrid.16.06.2019 North Macedonia” by Przemek Rodzik


2nd place: Danijel Palčić – 193 votes


“Beautiful altocumulus lenticularis over Pag town, illuminated by the moonlight and colored with the last colors of sunset..
Island of Pag, Croatia, 23.3.2021.” by Danijel Palčić


3rd place: Brad Hannon – 172 votes


“I’ve captured all kinds of lightning in all kinds of places but this image is one of my favourites for so many reasons. The light, the contrast, the last gasp of sunset colour and of course the bolt that enters the scene from the far right and plants itself near the only interesting objects in the distance! I couldn’t have scripted it better.South Dakota – June 2015” by Brad Hannon


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4th place: Csaba Wolf – 160 votes


“Storm was coming to Budapest with snowfall today from Hungary,03rd April, 2021.” by Csaba Wolf


5th place: Andreas Feichtmeier – 143 votes


“May 18th 2017 massive hp-supercell in northwest Oklahoma.” by Andreas Feichtmeier


6th place: Kacs Dávid – 119 votes


“Hungary, Kaposvár 2021.04.02” by Kacs Dávid


7th place: Marko Korošec – 115 votes


“Simplicity. Lenticular clouds over western Slovenia, March 30th, 2021.” by Marko Korošec


8th place: Андрій Гаврилюк – 109 votes


“The first powerful thunderstorms this season in the Volyn region, Ukraine, 01/04/2021. The photo shows powerful cumulonimbus clouds at sunset, hail pockets were noted on the radar images!” by Андрій Гаврилюк


9th place: Aaron Mentor – 85 votes


“A line of storms with embedded mesocyclones moves over rural areas in Nebraska. We chased this line through the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills with lightning striking around us. The image is a composition of two photographs shot within a few seconds. The image with the lighting strike was extremely over exposed, so I decided to blend the two images together to get a well exposed image.May 10 2018, Nebraska Sandhills” by Aaron Mentor


10th place: Ioana Corgoja Manole – 32 votes


“Lenticular clouds, Romania, 30.03.2021” by Ioana Corgoja Manole

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