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SWE Photography Contest week #02 of 2021 (Jan 11th – Jan 17th) Winners

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Week 02 of 2021 (Jan 11th – Jan 17th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Maja Kraljik – 223 votes

“Beautiful multilayered structure of a supercell from May last season and which brought very strong winds with hail that evening.
One of the best structures I saw from this area.May 2nd,2020.NW Adriatic,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

2nd place: Stefan Dantinger – 195 votes

“09.01.2021 Bavarian Forest. Like a Vulcano ” by Stefan Dantinger

3rd place: Pawel Uchorczak – 185 votes

“Winter in Cracow,14.01.2021” by Pawel Uchorczak

4th place: Brad Hannon – 177 votes

“The Indigo Valley was the foreground for this severe storm as it moved over the foothills of the Great Dividing Range near Wooragee, Victoria, Australia – Jan 3rd 2021.” by Brad Hannon

5th place: Przemek Rodzik – 119 votes

“Very nice structure of a supercell LP. One of the most beautifiul in last season.22.08.2020 Upper Silesia,Poland.” by Przemek Rodzik

6th place: Pukuotas Katinas – 110 votes

“Strings of the Sky.Tonight the sky gave us a gift. It is a very rare phenomenon which is caused not only by low temperature, but also by the ideal relative humidity in the air. Due to a high humidity, small crystals of ice form in the air. Each flake acts as a tiny mirror which reflects light souces. The larger and more numerous the crystals, the brighter this effect becomes.2021-01-16, Lithuania” by Pukuotas Katinas

7th place: Kovács Krisztián Multi Sakal – 82 votes

“Lightning show2019.jun. Hungary, Hatvan” by Kovács Krisztián Multi Sakal

8th place: Massimo Ruvidi – 73 votes

“Bacoli (Napoli, Italy) back in 09/06/2016 early afternoon…probably the closest strike to me I ever shot (from inside a car)” by Massimo Ruvidi

9th place: Andrij Havriliuk – 61 votes

“Winter’s tale after a snowfall in the forest in Kivertsy, Volyn region, Ukraine, 14/01/2021.” by Andrij Havriliuk

10th place: Kristjan Kõluvere – 51 votes

“Some far away lightingstrikes and foggy landscape at South-Estonia / 15th June 2020” by Kristjan Kõluvere

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