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Outlook day 1 (valid: 11/09/2014)

VALID FOR 11-09-2014

*** An outbreak of severe weather across CNTRL Mediterranean is in effect and expected to continue through afternoon / evening hours.***

Dangerous weather scenario across southern Europe today with a robust upper low sitting the Alps and N Mediterranean and surface cyclone over Italy and Adriatic sea. Another powerful upper low is maintaining west of Iberia.

A HIGH risk is in effect for the S-CNTRL parts of the eastern Adriatic coast in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and NW Albania for excessive torrential rainfall and flash flooding. Rainfalls in excess of 80-100 mm are expected along the entire lenght of the area, with some locations possibly receiving over 200 mm in 24h. This is a particularly dangerous situation, major property damage and loss of life possible! Additionally, favourable S-SE surface winds enhance SREH, so some waterspouts are expected to develop along the C-CNTRL Adriatic sea and Ionian sea.

A MDT risk is in effect for parts of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech republic for excessive rainfall and flooding threat given the fact that these areas have already received high amount of rainfall during the last days.

A SLGT risk is in effect for the area surrounding the HIGH/MDT risk for excessive rainfall.

A SLGT risk is in effect for NE Turkey, Georgia and extreme SW Russia for large hail, heavy rainfall and severe wind gusts.