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UPDATE: Severe thunderstorms hit N Germany – large hail, tornado reported (June 22, 2017; 12:15 UTC)

As forecast and monitored, a large MCS has hit N Germany in the morning hours and is now moving SE-wards across the region. Intense lightning activity as well as severe weather phenomena accompanies this system: severe wind gusts, large hail and a confirmed tornado so far. Below are some first reports from the system.

Approaching Mesoscale Convective System over Hamburg, N German. Photo: Samir Gaddah.

A second, more widespread round of intense thunderstorms is expected in the afternoon across southwestern and in particular central Germany, with storms moving into W Poland and W Czech Republic in the late afternoon/evening. See our Severe Weather Outlook for today for more details.

Spectacular view of the structure on the MCS over Hagenow, N Germany. Photo: Nadine We

Doppler scan of the convective line passing near Tulau, heading towards Ratzlingen (set to pass E of it) – possible tornado embedded on the front of the MCS over N Germany. Radar:

Tail end HP supercell northwest of Magdeburg, Germany. Radar:

Exceptional multi-level shelf cloud on the MCS near Hamburg, N Germany! Report: Stormchasing S-H

Photo:Jürgen Schäfer.

Marginally large hail reported on the first MCS of the day in Hamburg, N Germany! Photo: Madita1968 IG

Radar and satellite presentation of the incoming Mesoscale Covnective System in the morning hours. Courtesy: Guido Cioni.