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Temperatures again hit 30 °C within the Arctic circle, up to 34 °C in parts of Scandinavia – July 16, 2018

Temperatures again pushed well above 30 °C in parts of northern Europe yesterday, July 16, as the region swelters in a prolonged heat wave.

Temperatures reached 30 °C in Saltdal, Norway at 66.9°N, within the Arctic circle. Temperatures went up to 33 °C in Norway (Verdal-Reppe), 34.4 °C in Sweden (Uppsala). Temperatures went above 30 °C also elsewhere in north Europe. Up to 32 °C in southern Finland, 32 °C in Estonia.

Peak temperatures across north Europe on July 16, 2018. Map:

Norway has had 27 days with temperatures over 30 °C so far, and the trend is set to continue. Models indicate temperatures up to 8-10 °C above long term (1979-2000) average in the southern half of north Europe and 9-11 °C above average in the northern half of north Europe.

GFS forecast average peak temperatures for the next 3 days. Map: Climatereanalyzer.

GFS forecast temperature anomaly for the next 3 days. Map: Climatereanalyzer.