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Severe thunderstorms hit parts of France and Switzerland – December 3, 2018

A mesoscale convective system moved across northern-central and eastern France into western Switzerland, bringing very late season severe thunderstorms. Severe straight line winds hit numerous locations along the MCS’ track.

A total of nearly 18 000 lightning flashes were detected across the region between 8:30 and 20:30 UTC.

Lightning tracks of storms across France and Switzerland between 8:30 and 20:30 UTC, December 3. Map:

Severe straight line winds were recorded along the system’s track: Étampes (Essone dept.) 116 km/h, 103 km/h in Choue (41), 101 km/h in Ouzouer le Marché, 99 km/h in Ochey (54) amd 97 km/h in Blécourt (52), France. Wind gusts of 115 km/h were recorded in Belfort, Switzerland.

Weekly pattern across Europe overview - warm weather this week, followed by an Arctic outbreak early next week (Dec 4 - 12th)
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