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Severe hailstorms, supercells over north and northwest Italy

As expected thunderstorms, producing locally severe hailstorms, hit north and northwest Italy yesterday, April 29. Some beautiful supercells captured by storm chasers.


Lightning tracks across Italy over the past 24 hours. Note the concentration in northern and northwestern Italy (Lombardy, Piemonte). A large portion of 25 000 detected lightning flashes happened there. Map:

Several isolated supercells formed over the plains of Lombardy and Piemonte, captured by Italian storm chasers. Persistent thunderstorms, mostly initiating with forced lift along the flank of the Alps in Piemonte produced locally persistent rainfall and hailstorms, producing flash flooding and large hail accumulations.

Fresh from the field: Maurizio Signani captured this beautiful supercell near Leno (BS), north Italy. April 29.

Excellent view of the striated mesocyclone and wall cloud on the supercell near Paratico (BS), north Italy. April 29. Report: Italia live meteo.

Major hailstorm in Robasommero (TO). April 29. Report: Ilary Masiero.