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Severe thunderstorms hit eastern and northern France, BeNeLux and western Germany: first reports – tornadoes, large hail

As expected, severe thunderstorms hit parts of eastern and northern France, BeNeLux and western Germany. Large hail and tornadoes reported.

Lightning over Europe late on April 29 and early on April 30. The area hit by severe thunderstorms is marked with a white rectangle. Map:

Tornadoes reported in northern-northeastern France

At least one, and probably several tornadoes touched down in northeastern France. A tornado was captured by stormchaser Christophe Asselin on a supercell in the Marne department, near Bussy-le-Repos.

Tornado damage was reported in Cloyes-sur-Marnes, Vauclerc and Outrepont, Marne department, northeastern France.

Report: Jm Cornuaille @jmcornuaille TW.

Hailstorms over France and Germany

Intense hailstorms, with marginally large to large hail were reported with numerous thunderstorms across eastern and northern France and western Germany.

Large hail south of Nancy (54), Lorraine, France. Report: Kevin’ Leclercq.

Large hail accumulations in Kreis Heinsberg, Germany last night, April 30. Report: Kyra-Celina Plettscher.