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Hot weather in northern Europe and inside the Arctic circle during the weekend (again)

Temperatures again soared above 30 °C across parts of north Europe this weekend. Foehn winds warmed the fjords of western Norway up to 33 °C and up to 30 °C far north at 70°N, within the Arctic circle.

On Saturday the coast of western Norway hit up to 33 °C as Foehn winds warmed the fjords. Banak, Norway at 70 °N pushed to 31 °C.

Maximum temperatures across north Europe on Saturday, July 28, 2018. Map:

Temperatures again pushed to 30 °N as far north as Banak, Norway on Sunday. Daytime highs in the upper 20s and even above 30 °C were recorded across much of north Europe.

Maximum temperatures across north Europe on Sunday, July 29, 2018. Map:

Another sign of very warm days across the north are the lowest night time temperatures. Some very high values were recorded. In some stations, so-called “tropical nights” were observed – the lowest temperature did not drop below the 20 °C threshold. Here are this morning’s lows across Norway:

    21.5 °C Skibotn 2 (Norway)
    21.3 °C Skrova Fyr (Norway)
    21.2 °C Hasvik-Sluskfjellet (Norway)
    21.0 °C Alta Lufthavn (Norway)
    20.7 °C Straumsnes (Norway)
    20.6 °C Bo I Vesteralen (Norway)
    20.6 °C Tromso (Norway)
    20.2 °C Leknes (Norway)
    20.2 °C Nordstraum I Kvaenangen (Norway)
    20.2 °C Svolvaer / Helle (Norway)
    20.0 °C Harstad (Norway)

Tromso, Norway hit a night time minimum of 20.8 °C, the highest since the beginning of measurements in 1920.

No respite for the region, as 5-day GFS model guidance indicates temperatures in the upper 20s and lower 30s, with temperature anomaly up to 10 °C above average.

5-day GFS maximum temperature and temperature anomaly model guidance. Maps: