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High fire hazard across large parts of Europe – June 20

The extended heat wave across W-CNTRL Europe and dry and hot weather across S-SE Europe are driving up the wildfire threat.

Fire Weather Index (FWI) map for today, June 20 by the European Forest Fire Information System.

The persistent heat wave is parts of W-CNTRL Europe to temperatures well above 30 °C, locally even above 40 °C! Regions currently under highest threat include most of the Iberian Peninsula, particularly the southern and central part, southern France, Sardinia, much of Italy (in particular Tuscany and Lazio) and parts of Slovakia and Hungary.

Intense wildfires have hit the Pedrógão Grande region of central Portugal, claiming 63 lives and causing numerous injuries and widespread damage. Smoke from these wildfires was also visible from space.

Satellite images show the fires (marked with red arrows) burning intensely yesterday, June 19. Image: NASA MODIS.

Today, June 20, the fires have been largely extinguished, except for an intense burn in the NE. Image: NASA MODIS.

More videos and photos of the intense blaze.

Images: Mundo Portugues.

Images: Alerta Roja.

Image: TSF Radio.