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Exceptional view of Hurricane Florence eyewall from space

Hurricane Florence is maintaining its awesome strength and remains a Category 4 hurricane. The views from the satellites are very impressive, but is there an even more impressive view? Yes, there are! The International Space Station (ISS) just passed 400 km high over the hurricane and brought some of the most spectacular imagery of tropical systems lately!

Astronaut Alexander Gerst from ESA (The European Space Agency) has just shared some exceptional photographs, including close-up detailed photographs of the impressive eyewall and eye of Florence!

This photo reveals a huge vertical wall of clouds (eyewall) rotating around the center of the hurricane. You can see the sea through the layer of low clouds – keep in mind this wall is approximately 15 km high!

In addition, Gerst also made an amazing wide angle photo of the complete hurricane, it really has an impressive symmetrical structure – a sign that hurricane is very intense!

Satellite animation of the eyewall’s explosive convection earlier today:

Please refer to the previous update on the hurricane Florence for details about the future evolution and path towards the eastern US coast.