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Current sea surface temperature in the Adriatic sea

The current weather pattern has caused significant cooling of the Adriatic sea. Temperatures are 3 °C and more below the long term average for this time! Let us take a closer look.

We have gotten used to the Adriatic sea being close to 27-29 °C at this time, however, current temperatures are far from it. Most of the Adriatic is only around 20-22 °C. The coolest parts are in parts of Kvarner, Kornati and Dalmacija (Croatia) and Albania, where the temperature is only around 19 °C! The warmest parts are alon the northern and parts of the western coast in Italy, where temperature is 25-26 °C.

Sea surface temperature on June 28. Map: Adriatic Forecasting System.


That may sound quite warm, but even that is well below average for this time. In fact, much of the Adriatic sea is currently over 3 °C cooler than average. This is the result of the persistent cutoff low over the central-eastern Mediterranean and consequent persistent Bora winds.

Sea surface temperature anomaly (difference from long-term average for this period) on June 28. Map: Adriatic Forecasting System.


Warming is expected over the next 10 days as more normal (air) temperatures establish over the region and the Bora subsides.