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Across the Pond: severe thunderstorms with tornadoes and very large hail hit Alabama – March 19, 2018

Severe thunderstorms hit parts of Alabama with severe straight line winds, tornadoes and very large (giant) hail. The severe weather wave was expected as the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center forecast an enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms across the so-called Dixie Alley in the SE US. 2017/18 La Nina is dwindling and the usual effect of this is a more active severe weather pattern for SE US in late March and early-mid April with higher probability of severe weather outbreaks. Several tornadoes were reported as well as a particularly severe hailstorm in Cullman, Alabama, where hail reached and possibly exceeded 10 cm diameter.

This wave of severe thunderstorms in Alabama comes just a day after southern Texas was hit by first severe thunderstorms of the season. Again, a number of severe supercell thunderstorms formed, producing large to very large hail.