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Yet another very intense Arctic outbreak across the United States through early March

While Europe is experiencing an unusually stable and warm weather these weeks, very dynamic winter weather continues on the other side of the Atlantic. United States are in for yet another brutal Arctic cold outbreak starting this weekend which will continue for much of the next week. The eastern 2/3 of the continental US will be in deep freeze for days!

500 mbar geopotential heights pattern reveals a deep trough moving across the northern US and gradually deepening as it spreads across the northeast US.

850 mbar temperature anomaly of the powerful Arctic cold airmass spreading across the large part of the country from north to south and then east.

2 m temperature anomaly shows days will be extremely cold with temperatures 30-40 °F below normal. For early March, this is very extreme and could lead into some record low values in some areas. Very cold airmass also reached deep southern states, including the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida!

Stay alert for dangerous conditions and stay tuned for additional updates in the coming days!