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Huge Saharan dust load over south-central Europe, also towards UK and Ireland

There is a strong advection of Saharan dust from North Africa into Europe this week. An established pattern across our continent favors south-southwesterly advection of warm air mass across the Mediterranean into the Balkans, but also Saharan dust. Dust deposits have been reported from central Europe this morning, additional deposits can be expected in the coming days. Dust may also reach the UK and Ireland over the weekend.

Note: Saharan dust comes from The Saharan desert. When the winds in the upper part of the atmosphere are blowing north or northeast, the dust particles can be carried far north into central Europe. Sometimes even into east and west Europe. When such an event occurs during a frontal system and therefore rain, the dust will be brought to the ground. Then, we can observe the dust deposited on objects. We notice a layer of dust, dusty drops on the car, etc.

A powerful southwesterly jet stream is placed between a strengthening ridge over southeast Europe and the upper low over southwest Europe. Note: the ridge will introduce an extreme heatwave across southern Balkans and Turkey this weekend!

Saharan dust advection over Europe


Attached are the total dust load maps across the southern half of Europe from today until Saturday. A huge amount of Saharan dust has been advecting into our continent, supported by the favorable pattern. With the strengthening upper ridge over southeast Europe, advection will persist into the weekend. As we can see, the dust load deposits are likely to be expected to observe as north as central Germany, southern Poland, and also with small amounts over the UK and Ireland. The highest concentrations will be over Italy, Balkans but also across the Alpine region.

Graphics: UOA Skiron model

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