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Heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions across parts of western Slovenia and northwestern Croatia on Monday, Tuesday

Strong snowfall and intense Burja/Bura winds will develop across W Slovenia and NW Croatia in response to the deepening cutoff low over the northern Mediterranean and surface low over north Italy / Adriatic sea on Monday. This will result in locally intense blizzard conditions.

Heavy snowfall is expected across the northern Dinarides: up to 20-40 cm in southwestern Slovenia, with up to 50 cm and locally possibly more across the higher elevations of the Snežnik massif. Snowfall is already reaching below 300 m elevation. Heavy snowfall also across Lika and Gorski Kotar in Croatia, locally up to 50-70 cm of snow. Expect snowfall with up to 10-20 cm of snow also across the Dinarides of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Snow depth early on Tuesday. Map: Maps:

Accumulated snowfall by early Tuesday. Map:

Strong Bura/Burja winds will develop across Gorski Kotar and Kvarner region of Croatia as well as across SW Slovenia. Expect winds gusting up to 140-150 km/h in Kvarner and Gorski kotar, up to 120-130 km/h in SW Slovenia on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Peak wind gusts across the northern Adriatic region early on Tuesday and early on Wednesday morning. Maps: