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Deep low and windstorm over the Atlantic and parts of Ireland and Scotland today – August 17th, 2019

A deep low is pushing over the Atlantic near the British Isles and Ireland today. It will produce a severe windstorm with winds gusting up to 120-130 km/h over the open sea. Strong gales are expected in parts of Ireland and Scotland.

Outlook DAY 1 (valid: 17/08/2019)

The low will deepen to about 975 mbar central pressure by midday on Saturday, slowly filling in the afternoon to about 980 mbar as it grazes NW Scotland in the early morning on Saturday. It will produce severe winds gusting into 120-130 km/h range NW of Ireland. Peak winds will remain over the open sea, coastal areas of north and northwest Ireland and parts of west and north Scotland will receive strong gales gusting up to 100-110 km/h. A windy Saturday ahead for these areas indeed!

Maximum wind gusts over the British Isles and Ireland on Saturday, August 17th.ICON-EU model guidance. Map: