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*Brutal* cold has developed across the northern United States – Arctic outbreak continues spreading towards the Gulf Coast

The very intense Arctic cold outbreak continues spreading across the southern United States, pushing negative temperatures already into northern Arizona, New Mexico and Texas Panhandle. Further north, very cold temperatures with 10-20 °F / -5 to -15 °C are spreading into the central US while brutal cold is developing over Wyoming and Montana where strong northerlies are pushing temperatures to near 15-20 °C below zero! Windchill temperature is below -25 °C is some areas! The arctic cold airmass will advect into the Gulf of Mexico after tomorrow and then spread into ESE United States towards the weekend as well.

A large upper-level trough continues moving across CONUS through mid this week with its deep core across central Plains on Thursday. The trough axis is pushing quite deep south and also into SW US. It will then accelerate ENE towards the weekend and eject into the Atlantic ocean.

500 mbar pattern across USGraphics:

2m temperature anbd windchill maps as of this morning, Oct 29th – single digits °F across Wyoming and Montana with 15-20 °F below zero windchills. That is extremely cold – 25-30 °C below zero!

2m temperature and windchill across CONUSGraphics:

ECMWF and GFS model forecasts for 850 mbar and 2 m temperatures through the next 3 days indicate very intense cold across north-central US until Thursday when the main cold airmass advection pushes further east and south towards the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast as well. On Friday, Nov 1st, well-below normal temperatures are spreaded across much of Continental US including northern Mexico and southern Canada!

850 mbar and 2 m temperatures across US. Graphics:

The next 3 days average temperature anomaly indicated how intense this Arctic outbreak actually is! Large part of North America is well below zero with the most intense cold across the High Plains (Colorado, Wyoming and Montana).

3-day average temperature across US. Graphics: Climate Reanalyzer

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