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An intense mid September heat wave to develop across Europe next week

“Indian summer” anyone? Models are confirming a likely intense early autumn heat wave to develop across much of Europe next week. In response to a changing pattern, strong warm advection will spread across central and northern Europe and bring 4-5 days of very warm to hot days.

Deep troughs will be ongoing across the N Atlantic and a powerful upper ridge will develop to its east and dominate Europe. This will develop a heat wave after Tuesday, Sept 18th.

The extreme warmth starts on Tuesday in response to a deep trough over the Atlantic and a push of strong warm advection onto western Europe, ahead of a post-tropical storm nearing British Isles and Ireland. A very warm day is expected for the British Isles, Benelux and France. Likely peaking into 30-33 °C range across large parts of France.

Peak afternoon temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday (Sept 19th/20th) may push into lower 30s °C even across northern Germany and western Poland.

Southern Europe and the whole Balkan peninsula could peak into 30-34 °C as well on Thursday, Sept 20th.

Very warm to hot days should continue on Friday, Sept 21st as well, expanding into NE Europe and Baltic countries where peak afternoon temperatures could also push into upper 20s.

Stay tuned for further updates when we come closer to the developing blocking pattern and this unusually strong autumn heat wave.