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Week 21 (May 21 – May 27, 2018) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 66 entries in Week 21: Boris Jordan‎‎‎.

1. place – WINNER: Boris Jordan‎ – 993 votes

“- Mammatus Outbreak –
This was by far the most spectacular mammatus display I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
After an exciting chase on 04.04.2018 we stopped next to Leipzig (Saxony) to shoot some lightnings on a backside of a thunderstorm.
After the sun went down low-hanging mammatus clouds began to shines red and blue. I was just speechless, as I only saw such displays on photos from USA and was not expected to see it in Germany.
As a bonus a small lightning found a way to the photo.
Simply EPIC!
Boris Jordan Photography

2. place: Bastian Haaf‎ – 343 votes

“I took this picture about a year ago in Hungen, 50 Kilometers in the north of Frankfurt (Germany).
Canon EOS 5D Mark II | EF 17-40/4.0L | ISO 400 | f8.0 | 1/50s”

3. place: Andi Dorninger‎‎ – 269 votes

“Mammatus Setup near Kimball, Nebraska”

4. place: Paweł Rynkowski‎‎ – 149 votes

5. place: Guy Coopmans‎ – 121 votes

“Awesome mammatus display from stationary severe warned cell with rotating updraft over Canadian in the Texas Panhandle. Lightning of this storm caused wildfires and the downdraft kickstarted a big severe cell to our south east. The one from earlier picture. Both had funnel clouds!”

6. place: Bas de Visser – 105 votes

“Shot from last night in Holland (Westkapelle)
Last lightning and biggest one the storm dropped!”

7. place: Devid Raziel Penguti‎ – 89 votes

“Severe hailstorm coming
Polesine, Italy

8. place: Šime Barešić‎‎ – 86 votes

“Shelf cloud (culumonimbus arcus)! :)
© Otrow Photography

8. place: Χρήστος Παπασούλης‎ – 86 votes

“17/11/2017 one of the monsters of these days that visited Athens (intense rain rate,hail and strong wind gusts)”

9. place: Michal Slowik‎ – 82 votes

“Poland, Poznan 10/04/2018”

10. place: Glory Mery Mery Glory‎‎ – 69 votes

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Week 22 (May 29-June 4, 2017) Contest Winners

Week 22 (May 29-June 4, 2017) Contest Winners