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Tropical storm Leslie intensifying in central Atlantic, expected to reach hurricane strength until tomorrow

Tropical storm Leslie, ongoing in the northern part of the central Atlantic is slowly pushing southwest, over warmer waters. Latest satellite imagery indicate Leslie is strengthening as deep convective bands are forming around the centre, forming a distinct eye.

October 2 image of Tropical storm Leslie by NASA Terra satellite, MODIS instrument. Source: NASA Worldview.

The future track pushes Leslie first towards the southwest into warmer waters, tomorrow Leslie turns northeast again – likely as a hurricane.

Tropical storm Leslie is expected to strengthen to a Category 1, possibly Category 2 hurricane strength over the next 48-72 hours before diminishing.

Indeed, Leslie will be moving over warmer waters with a higher heat content, which will result in the expected strengthening.

After the loop over the next two days, Leslie will move eastwards and may reach western Europe as a post-tropical storm late next week.