The first of the two tropical cyclones affecting Australia right now, tropical cyclone Trevor, made landfall this morning European time. It hit the coast of the Northern Territory as a Category 4 system.

Trevor strengthened from category 3 to category 4 as is passed over the warm waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria yesterday. It made landfall just SE of Sir Edward Pellew Islands, near the evacuated town of Borroloola – one of a number of towns evacuated ahead of Trevor’s landfall. The Category 4 tropical cyclone is producing winds gusting up to 280 km/h and is expected to dump up to 200-250 mm of rainfall by late on Sunday.

Tropical cyclone Trevor as seen by Himawari-8 satellite today, March 23 at 6:10 UT.

The system will track SE into the North Territory, weakening rapidly to category 1 early on Sunday.