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UPDATE on the excessive precipitation in the Alps and northern Mediterranean region (southeastern France, north Italy, Slovenia Croatia) through Saturday

The excessive precipitation event in NE Italy, W Slovenia and NW Croatia is now underway. Latest model guidance is still on track for a major event. Very large amounts of snowfall and rainfall is expected in NE Italy and W Slovenia, with higher elevations receiving in excess of 1 m of fresh snow, locally probably up to nearly 2 m. NW Croatia and SSW Slovenia will be getting mostly rainfall, with some locations in Croatia likely receiving over 300 mm of rainfall. Major flood risk is in place there.

For a general overview of the pattern that is producing this major precipitation event, see these two articles:

Total snowfall until early on Monday. ARPEGE model guidance. Map:

Total precpitation until early on Monday. ARPEGE and ICON-EU model guidance. Map:

Large amounts of rainfall (and snow) for parts of the Iberian Peninsula this week