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Review of arctic outbreak with extreme cold, severe Bora winds and lots of snow across Balkan peninsula and S-CNTRL Italy, Jan 5-8, 2017

Latest SWE Outlook for excessive snowfall across Europe until Tuesday:

Here is this morning’s windchill temperature analysis across Europe, polar airmass with extremely cold winds spreads south across the Balkan peninsula, much warmer over W Europe and Scandinavia as maritime airmass advects from the N Atlantic:

Temperature outlook for the next 10 days is revealing the arctic cold airmass will remain over the Balkan peninsula for a few more days before another cold blast overspreads Europe from the NNW and brings colder weather also for western-central Europe:

Deep snow in Greece and southern Italy, snow locally accumulated over 100 cm! Central Italy was affected by robust Adraitic sea-effect snowfall, this textbook satellite image reveals the convective cloud streets moving ashore and resulting in excessive snowfall especially over the Abruzzo region in central Italy, while being combined with orographic “stau effect” snowfall higher up in the mountains:

The Arctic outbreak with extremely cold winds and low temperatures caused freezing of sea waters along the Adriatic coast, brought huge waves to the Croatian coasts and gusts up to 220 km/h!

The Danube river has begun to freeze:

The intense sea-effect snowfall even covered the beaches in Puglia, SSE Italy!

NW Turkey, particularly the broader region of Istanbul also experienced heavy snowfall, as evident in reports below: