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Multiple tornadoes hit Calabria and Puglia regions in south Italy again on Sunday, Nov 25th

After less than a week, another dangerous cyclone and front crossed south Italy and several damaging tornadoes hit parts of Calabria and Puglia regions. Warm southern Mediterranean sea lead into very high surface dewpoints and therefore an extreme amount of instability, coupled with strong shear and helicity when fronts arrive into the region. The southern Italy is well known for tornado occurrence in late autumn as it has proven several times in the past years.

Very strong tornadoes in Italy in late autumn

Weather conditions across southern Italy on Sunday, Nov 25th were favourable for formation of tornadoes. A strongly sheared environment overlapped with moderate instability, producing several tornadoes in Calabria and Puglia. The tornado downed trees, collapsed, blew of metal roofing. No injuries or fatalities were reported.

One tornado was a violent and long lived one, entered the Salento peninsula near Leuca and tracked around 20 km NNE-wards until it ejected back to the sea near Marina d’Andrano.

Videos along tornado’s path from Leuca towards Tricase Porto, Puglia region:

Crotone, Calabria region:

Tornado aftermath (Crotone, Calabria region):

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