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Antalya airport, Turkey hit by a damaging tornado – January 26, 2019

A tornado bulldozed through Antalya airport in southwestern Turkey today. It caused considerable damage, destroying airport vehicles and structures, moving several airplanes. It was a part of a severe weather outbreak in the region, with at least 5 tornadoes and severe hailstorms with very large hail.

Tornado hits a row of parked planes, moving them. Pay attention to the planes at the end of the row! More videos below.

The rope tornado pushed through the airport, destroying a number of structures and pushing and overturning vehicles – including a bus with passengers. 12 injuries reported. Several planes were actually moved by the tornado. Check out the photos and videos below.

Damage on the Antalya airport. Report via Mevlüt Dalaman.

Further videos from Antalya airport:

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