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Week 02-2020 (Jan 06th – Jan 12th) Contest Winners

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Week 02 of 2020 (Jan 06th – Jan 12th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Rolf Besseler – 246 votes

“Gronau (Germany) 05. Januar 2020 ca. 13:30 h” by Rolf Besseler

2nd place: Martien Vermeer – 103 votes

“Picture about a amazing sunset. I made this picture on the island Bohol (Philippines)” by Martien Vermeer

3rd place: Gorazd Bizjan – 86 votes

“Sun pillar (Jan. 4, 2020; Medvode, Slovenia)” by Gorazd Bizjan

4th place: Nichas Anastasios – 76 votes

“Greece, Crete, Heraklion, January 2020” by Nichas Anastasios

5th place: Laura-Georgiana Repciuc – 67 votes

“Lightning strike in Belgium. 14.10.2019” by Laura-Georgiana Repciuc

6th place: Neda Naglić-Drganc‎ – 64 votes

“Brela, Croatia, 10.01.2020” by Neda Naglić-Drganc‎

7th place: Jüri Voit‎ – 62 votes

“Fog bow. 10.01.2020. Estonia” by Jüri Voit‎

8th place: Teri Weather – 61 votes

“My favourite sundog taken by me” by Teri Weather

9th place: Dario Orizio – 52 votes

“09 January 2020 h. 14.50. Spectacular sun dog in a sky veiled by cirrus clouds. From Brescia (Northern Italy)” by Dario Orizio

10th place: Nikola Uršić – 51 votes

“Strong wind bora Croatia, Adriatic coast January 2020” by Nikola Uršić

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